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Learning Nihongo
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16th-May-2011 07:37 pm - Yakuza Japanese
I found this website called Jingai.com that teaches Yakuza slang.  I figured it would be fun, and since I haven't updated in a while, I decided to post some things I've learned.  The information below is taken directly from Jingai- this is not mine.  I'm just posting it here in case you guys are too lazy to click the link.  Certain aspects of Japanese slang (such as dropping particles) are not just aspects of Yakuza slang, but slang in general, so I took them out.

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13th-Mar-2011 12:09 am - 日本の地震
Cherry Blossoms
On Friday, there was an earthquake.  It's very scary.  Is everyone okay?
Even though my friends are safe, everyone in Japan must still be careful!
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24th-Dec-2010 04:27 pm - メリークリスマス!


"Node" means "because" or "since," while "noni" means "even though" or "despite."  Unlike "kara" which also means "because," "node" is used more often in normal conversation.  "Node" and "noni" never appear in the beginning of a sentence.  With "na" adjectives, "node" becomes "nanode" in the present tense (this is likewise with "noni").  In past or negative dense, it is just "node" or noni."  Nouns also end in "nanode."

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Please introduce yourselves here instead of making a new post. (You can make a new post if you want, but I'd prefer it if you'd do it as a comment.) Use Japanese first, then translate to English (do as best as you can- it helps with learning anyway.) If I made any grammatical errors in my Japanese, please tell me. I am still a beginner.

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